I would guess that everyone has had some exposure to "The Magic Words." How many of us remember being told to say "please" when we wanted something. Hopefully we are requiring use of The Magic Words as we teach our own children GOOD MANNERS

The Magic Words are one of the many pleasantries that we are not hearing so much today. They are words that help us be thought of as kind, caring, respectful, and all those other "good character" traits that we want to instill in our children. I'm sure that you all can list the 5 Magic Words; "please," "thank-you," "you're welcome," "excuse me," and "I'm sorry." If you want something, you say "please." If someone gives you something, you say "thank-you." When someone says "thank-you," you say "you're welcome." If you hurt someone's feelings you say "I'm sorry." And, if you bump into someone, or need to use the restroom, you say "excuse me."

When writing our elementary social skills and character values curriculum, I felt the need to add more to the above list of Magic Words. So we created The Greeting Magic Words and The Family Magic Words. The 4 Greeting Magic Words are "hello," "good-bye," "good morning," and "good night." The 3 Family Magic Words are "I Love You."

When giving A songwriter the material and content I wanted in the 17 songs that are on our award-winning "Cool Kind Kid" CD, I asked to have all The Magic Words be part of a song. He created a fun song called "Magic Word Mambo," which is one of the kids' favorites on the CD. I am singing it as I write this because the tune is so catchy. "Hello, goood-bye, good morning, good night, please and thank-you, you're welcome, all right. I'm sorry and excuse me too, and most importantly, I Love You."